Sunday, July 6, 2008


So tomorrow I will be getting my new camera (Kiev 88) and just in time too. My "Great Wall" camera that has been my workhorse is falling apart each time I take it out to use it.
So I'm moving on up from a really shitty knock off of a knock off, to a knock off of a Hassalblad.
But I've heard good things about it and it fits my budget so I'm excited to get it and plus it has a light meter, everything on this page so far was metered by my eyes and brain, which is a mix of the sunny 16 rule and luck.
As well as a new camera I will hopefully be getting a scanner soon so that I can post more current things. I also almost have my enlarger up and running, just waiting on a lens I bought on Ebay.
So if anyone is interested in a real photo print of one of my black and white works just let me know.
I'm not sure what the price range would be but it would be reasonable, very reasonable.

Well I've got to get some sleep tonight.